Foam & Pool Party "Limited to 150"

Foam & POOL party.png

Foam & Pool Party - LIMITED -  Only 150 Spots

At our signature "foam pool party" you can socialize on the dance floor or in the pool. They are covered in several feet of bubbles produced by our powerful foam machine. This is a great chance to enjoy a pool party with foam and drinks!

Schedule :

Date: 7/19/19 (FRI) 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Address: Grace Hotel @ Times Square

Age: 21+ (ID NEEDED)

Doors open @ 9 PM

Music by DJ AX (Gold Bar, Dream Hotel so on)

Ticket Info:

Until 6/25 SUPER EARLY BIRD (Limited to 50)

Super Early bird Lady  by 6/25 $15

Super Early bird Gentlemen  by 6/25 $30

Super Early bird VIP  by 6/25 $45

6/26 - 7/5 EARLY BIRD (Limited to 70)

Early bird Lady $20

Early bird Gentlemen  $35

Early bird VIP $ 50

7/6 - 7/18 REGULAR

GA $50

VIP $100

Pair Ticket.      $80 . (Gentlemen  & Lady or Lady & Lady)

Pool Lady         $35 / must show your swim wear to prove you are ready to enter the pool

7/19 Door

GA $60

VIP $120

Special Ticket for Birthday people

July VIP Birthday Package for 4 people $ 160 (worth $400)

Must include 1 birthday person who has birthday in JULY. Up to 4 people can enter. $ 40($ 100 VIP worth ticket)  per person / must show birthday person’s ID to prove the birthday

July VIP Birthday Package for 10 people $ 350 (worth $1,000)

Must include 1 birthday person who has birthday in JULY. Up to 10 people can enter. $35 ($100 VIP worth ticket) per person  / must show birthday person’s ID to prove the birthday

Venue Info:


【Bar @1st Floor】

【Pool @2nd Floor】

【VIP Room@3rd Floor】

The VIP room (3rd floor) is exclusively for VIP guests (must have VIP Wristband).

The VIP room exclusively has tables and chairs and a bar for VIP guests.

VIP guests can share the table with other VIP guests.

*if you want to reserve your own VIP Table and bottle :  Email to


Dress code : White & White & White (any color is fine for swim wear)


Women: there are no rules however it requires a degree of polish, such as a blazer or jewellery. Flats or heels are acceptable. 
Men: White denim, chinos or suit pants with a shirt or jacket


Please change clothes in the bathroom


Age: 21+ (ID NEEDED)

*If you are UNDER 21 (or if overly intoxicated) you will be REFUSED by security at the door

*If there are multiple complaints from customers, you may be obliged to leave

*If unsuitable for dress code, you may be refused admission

*The main floor will be flooded with foam, Please be careful to manage your devices (such as smartphones and other valuables) responsibly. You use them at your own risk. We will not be held responsible in the event of damage or loss.

* Please be careful at your own risk when managing precision devices such as smartphones and valuables. In the event of damage or loss, there is no loss of any responsibility.

* If there is a pervert following you or if someone forcibly hits on you, please notify the security staff or clerk near you. We will oblige the person to leave and, in some cases, hand them over to the police.

* Customers who do not follow the instructions of the staff and the rules of this event in the store and in the neighborhood will be immediately discharged or notified. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

* The host holds copyright for the photos and videos taken at the event. They may be used for future event announcements, etc.

* The rules may be changed without any notice at the discretion of the organizer. Any changes are announced on this site.


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